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Tax Returns & Refunds

Tax Returns

Each year you are in the Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will have to send a copy of your complete FEDERAL and STATE tax returns to the Trustee’s office.  It is preferable to send your copy directly to your attorney instead, so that he has a copy, as well as the Trustee.  Attorney Seth Buitendorp requests clients to mail a copy to the law firm address at the top of the page addressed to Attn: Seth Buitendorp.

Tax Refunds

Depending on your specific bankruptcy case, you may have to turn over your tax refund check to the Ch. 13 Trustee.  This may be for only the first year in your bankruptcy, or for all succeeding years.  The amount you have to turn over is dependent on your specific case.  Please consult with your attorney before you spend any tax refunds while you are in the bankruptcy.