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Credit Reports

You are hiring our law firm to legally discharge your debts in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  The legal fees you are paying our office are not for “fixing” your credit reports or otherwise representing you with regards to any credit reporting agencies.  Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will not “erase” negative information on your credit reports.  There is no quick fix for your credit score or credit reports.

Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy normally results in lowering your credit score and is considered to be a negative factor in determining your credit score.  Our firm cannot tell you exactly how a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will affect obtaining any type of credit in the future.  Our firm normally recommends obtaining copies of all three credit reports (Transunion, Experian, and Equifax) one to two months after your bankruptcy case is officially closed.

Check to make sure any debts that were discharged in your bankruptcy are being reported on the credit reports as “discharged” or “included” in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.  If the debt was discharged but the credit report is not showing it as discharged, use the dispute process set up by each credit reporting agency.  Normally, this process can be completed over the telephone or over the internet.

Obtaining Credit After Your Bankruptcy Case is Closed

You will probably be able to obtain new credit after your bankruptcy case is closed.  Please beware that the credit you obtain may have a high interest rate.