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Listing Creditors

Ultimately, you are responsible for making sure all of your creditors are listed with a valid name and address.  This list of creditors is called a “Creditor Matrix” or “Verification of Creditor Matrix” and is one of the documents you signed when the case was initially filed.  Please review this document to make sure all of your creditors are listed.  You only have a limited time while the bankruptcy case is open to add additional creditors to your case.  Please contact your attorney immediately if you need to add additional creditors or if you find any creditors missing from the creditor matrix. 

If a creditor is not listed, that debt may not be discharged by the court, and you will be personally responsible for that debt after the bankruptcy case is closed.  The court charges a $26.00 fee for amending any information in your bankruptcy case that includes adding another creditor.  The cost is not per creditor, but per amendment (so you can add as many creditors as you like for an additional $26.00).

All creditors must be listed before the discharge order is entered by the court, or before the time to file a proof of claim has expired.  In short, make sure all creditors are listed in your case as soon as possible.