Personalized and affordable help for people under financial stress.

Why Choose Us

Competitive Rates – Practicing in association with a small, private firm, Attorney Seth Buitendorp experiences low overhead costs, a savings he is able to pass on to his clients.  He employs accurate billing practices and reasonable fees that result in a competitive rate for his clients.

Individual Attention – Attorney Buitendorp receives continual referrals from past clients who have expressed their appreciation for the individual and personal care and attention that they received.  Clients are not passed down to junior associates after the initial intake, and they deal exclusively with Seth or one of his paralegals throughout the duration of the bankruptcy proceedings.

Effective Communication – Attorney Seth Buitendorp works to maintain effective communications with his clients.  He is diligent in keeping his clients informed and committed to being reachable by clients whenever they need him.  He returns phone calls promptly and responds to emails as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

Knowledgeable Experience – Serving northern Indiana communities since 2002, Seth Buitendorp has dedicated his legal practice to matters involving consumer bankruptcy.  Seth has poised his legal knowledge and practice on the forefront of learning, harmonizing his acquired knowledge with practical experience and acquired skills.

Concentrated Services – By dedicating his practice to consumer bankruptcy and debtor / creditor representation, Attorney Seth Buitendorp has been able to acquire and perfect his knowledge and skills as they relate to consumer bankruptcy.  He has been able to assist countless individuals, both creditors and debtors, to navigate the complex channels of bankruptcy proceedings and vie for their financial well being.